Sylvi Elsa


Sylvi Elsa was born on February 20th. My raven-haired beauty with eyes shaped like a kitty cat and pointed ears like a fairy.


I’m not going to have time to blog for awhile, but I am very active on my personal Instagram Also, I just started a new Instagram account, featuring beautiful vintage children’s books: @thelittlelostlibrary. Thanks for the follow!

xoxo chloe ella



Beautiful Living Books for Summer Learning

I stumbled upon these beautifully illustrated and charmingly told books by Gladys Conklin at a library book sale. Gladys was a librarian who founded the Hayward Library Bug Club in the 60’s in response to the interest of local children … Continue reading

Let’s Cuddle Up & Read: Four Vintage Children’s Books That Will Sweep You Away

Hello, friends! Wow, I haven’t blogged in such a long while. I did make the decision to stop blogging at least for the summer for a myriad of reasons, the most exciting being that I am currently in the process … Continue reading

Barbie: Stop Shaming Her and Learn To Love Her Again

I love Barbie. I love Barbie just the way she is, proportionally impossible and all. Yep, that’s right. You read it correctly…*gasp*!! Poor Barbie gets so so much flack from everyone that we forget to remember that Barbie is smart, Barbie … Continue reading

How to Craft Your Very Own Vintage-Inspired Tree Skirt

Christmas decorating is in full swing! If you happen to live in a small apartment and are anxiously wondering where you are going to fit a tree or even if you are looking to add x-mas pizzazz to a vignette … Continue reading

‘Adore Your Apartment’ Series: Layering

3d259d7e02e011e3b30422000aaa0585_7Hello, loves!♥ I wanted to give a little glimpse into how the living room is coming together!! My vision was such: a whimsical space that exuded a luxurious, boutique hotel vibe/energy. All well and good, but how does one bring a certain energy/vibe out of one’s headspace and into one’s living space? Answer: by doing what the experts call “layering.” Continue reading