Sylvi Elsa


Sylvi Elsa was born on February 20th. My raven-haired beauty with eyes shaped like a kitty cat and pointed ears like a fairy.


I’m not going to have time to blog for awhile, but I am very active on my personal Instagram Also, I just started a new Instagram account, featuring beautiful vintage children’s books: @thelittlelostlibrary. Thanks for the follow!

xoxo chloe ella



Beautiful Living Books for Summer Learning

I stumbled upon these beautifully illustrated and charmingly told books by Gladys Conklin at a library book sale. Gladys was a librarian who founded the Hayward Library Bug Club in the 60’s in response to the interest of local children … Continue reading

Let’s Cuddle Up & Read: Four Vintage Children’s Books That Will Sweep You Away

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My Mixed Race Family: The Questions, The Hopes, and The Joyful Discoveries

As Eddie and I begin to think about starting our family, we have been having some interesting discussions late into the night. They go something like this…”So what will our children be?” “Well first and foremost, they will simply be … Continue reading

On Children’s Books

Along with receiving my beautiful new Canon DSLR camera (and a myriad of other wonderful things) this Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary season, I was given a few things that people may deem unconventional for your average 20-something but that nonetheless warm the cockles … Continue reading