‘Adore Your Apartment’ Series: Create a Cool Art Wall for Under $75

I stumbled upon this book a few years ago at Midtown Global Market and immediately fell head over heals in love with the drawings of John Bauer. So fantastical, so mystical, lots of little blonde sprites, and many many trolls. … Continue reading

How to Craft Your Very Own Vintage-Inspired Tree Skirt

Christmas decorating is in full swing! If you happen to live in a small apartment and are anxiously wondering where you are going to fit a tree or even if you are looking to add x-mas pizzazz to a vignette … Continue reading

‘Adore Your Apartment’ Series: Living Room Reveal!

When furnishing a living room especially in a small apartment, think of the design process as creating purposeful spaces within the space or, what I like to call, vignettes. For example, it’s pretty standard that city apartments don’t have dining … Continue reading

‘Adore Your Apartment’ Series: Lighting

2e0e2f7a175511e3a7d622000a9e298f_7Hello, fellow Quirkers! We have officially moved into our new apartment and all the design elements are finally in place!! I’m SO excited to show you the finished product, so that you can see all my decorating tips come to life! BUT not yet hehe;)

First, I have a tip that I consider to be the MOST important element in personalizing your rental!! In general opinion, one of the biggest pitfalls of apartment living is that you cannot truly personalize your space since renting brings along with it certain restrictions (no painting, etc.). This couldn’t be more wrong! You can, you really can! How you ask…? Continue reading

‘Adore Your Apartment’ Series: Turning a Sewing Table into a Swanky Bar

a057621a0dd511e3917022000ae9141e_7Hello!! This post is all about thinking outside the box. I believe EVERYONE has the creative capacity to think like this, some just need a little prompting while others freely float on the constant stream of their quirky ideas♥

Anywho, this piece is a Martha Washington sewing table. Sewing tables are super easy to find and very, very affordable…walk into any estate sale and you will find a sewing table of some sort. I loved this one because of it’s small size and quirky, geometric shapes. Thinking outside the box (!!), I figured that I could utilize every part of this cute, little table by turning it into a swanky, modern bar fit for a young adult. Continue reading

‘Adore Your Apartment’ Series: Layering

3d259d7e02e011e3b30422000aaa0585_7Hello, loves!♥ I wanted to give a little glimpse into how the living room is coming together!! My vision was such: a whimsical space that exuded a luxurious, boutique hotel vibe/energy. All well and good, but how does one bring a certain energy/vibe out of one’s headspace and into one’s living space? Answer: by doing what the experts call “layering.” Continue reading

‘Adore Your Apartment’ Series: Anchor Piece

IMG_1174Konnichiwa, Quirkers!! This summer, I made the exciting leap into absolute independence and signed the lease for our first apartment! Let the decorating (and the shopping!!!!) begin in full force hehe;P The first room I decided to tackle is the living room, the room you spend the most waking time in and, in a tiny apartment, a room that has to function one of many ways. Fear not! The task at hand is one of fun and creativity!

I wanted to begin with a personal tip that has helped me when decorating/accessorizing a larger space and that is to begin the hunt for what I call an “Anchor Piece.” Continue reading