Barbie: Stop Shaming Her and Learn To Love Her Again

I love Barbie. I love Barbie just the way she is, proportionally impossible and all. Yep, that’s right. You read it correctly…*gasp*!! Poor Barbie gets so so much flack from everyone that we forget to remember that Barbie is smart, Barbie … Continue reading

Follow Your Natural Fashion Instincts: Growin’ Old Calls for “Grown Sexy”

In my opinion, when it comes to fashion & personal style, everyone has their own natural inclinations. For me, I feel completely at home shopping in, say, Free People. I walk in feeling excited because I’m loving what I’m seeing … Continue reading

Gatsby Fashion: Subtle & Literal

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Release your inner jazz baby, and get inspired by the boozy glamour of the roaring 20’s! The trailer’s for The Great Gatsby honestly look SO fabulous, and I found myself dying to emulate 20’s fashion. However, fashion’s elite has pounded into us the “Don’t appear too costumey!” mantra, so heeding their warning I styled this look. Follow these tips to bring the 20’s to 2013. Continue reading