Beautiful Living Books for Summer Learning

I stumbled upon these beautifully illustrated and charmingly told books by Gladys Conklin at a library book sale. Gladys was a librarian who founded the Hayward Library Bug Club in the 60’s in response to the interest of local children … Continue reading

Let’s Cuddle Up & Read: Four Vintage Children’s Books That Will Sweep You Away

Hello, friends! Wow, I haven’t blogged in such a long while. I did make the decision to stop blogging at least for the summer for a myriad of reasons, the most exciting being that I am currently in the process … Continue reading

Folk Music: Bonding, Coping, & Tender Times

Being the flower child (wannabe) that I am, I have always¬†adored folk music. The soft voices, the perfect harmonies, the message of peace…I was the kid who knew all of Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits before I turned 10, who … Continue reading

My Mixed Race Family: The Questions, The Hopes, and The Joyful Discoveries

As Eddie and I begin to think about starting our family, we have been having some interesting discussions late into the night. They go something like this…”So what will our children be?” “Well first and foremost, they will simply be … Continue reading

Why Old School Sesame Street Rocks!

I just had to do a little post on why vintage Sesame Street is the best thing to ever happen…EVER. Before Cookie Monster moderated his cookie intake, before Abby’s dreadful Flying Fairy School, even before Elmo, Sesame Street was so … Continue reading