2126_56851409771_5932_nHello! My name is Chloe. I am a 23 year old Minneapolis native with a passion for children’s literature (actually all things babies/young children), home education, celebrating the liturgical calendar in the home, quirky fashion, and eclectic home decor . I see life as something filled with beauty and wonder but also as something difficult, something that needs faith and community and love to carry on.

So many wonderful things inspire me and that is the main reason why I launched this blog. I want to share a different take on inspiration with all of you from dear friends to strangers halfway across the globe. I want to create a community for the quirky. I want to Make It Quirk!

Comments are welcome! Feel free to contact me privately here. Follow me on the Make It Quirk Facebook page and Instagram as well for extra tidbits not found on the blog! Thank you for reading, and it’s my hope that you continue to do so!


chloe ella


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