DIY Mobiles for Baby

We are getting so excited for the arrival of our sweet baby girl in February!

I decided long ago that we would be integrating some Montessori methods into our home life starting from infancy. As I have been researching ways to prepare the environment for our little one’s arrival, I have been drawn to the idea of using mobiles to engage baby’s senses. I found this site to be a great resource for inspiration; the videos of babies as young as a few weeks old engaging with these mobiles had me hooked. They look so excited and in awe.

So I wanted to try my hand at making a few mobiles for her!


This mobile is inspired by the standard Octahedron Mobile popular with Montessori families. Isn’t this one a lot more pretty though?? hehe;P

I bought a package of Christmas tree ornaments from Ikea for $3.99. Then, I found a pretty tree branch on the ground outside, sanded it, and glued the ornaments in place. It couldn’t have been simpler to make, and they shimmer like jewels.


This mobile is inspired by the Munari Mobile.

First, I designed the shapes I wanted to use on very stiff poster board and then cut them out of black and pink felt. The standard Munari uses black and white, but I thought pink was nicer. I find the pink lends a softness to the mobile while still being high contrast enough for baby.

Then, I sewed fishing line through the poster board, glued on the felt and attached the shapes with the fishing line to two dowels that I secured together with pink thread.


Lastly, this mobile is not made by me, but I couldn’t help including it. Isn’t it just the sweetest? It’s a vintage wooden German mobile that I found at an estate sale.


These angels are so darling!

I’m toying with making one more: a butterfly mobile that would be a bit more artistic. So stay tuned!

I can’t wait to watch your sweet little face light up while watching these mobiles made by your mama and daddy with lots of love xoxo


9 thoughts on “DIY Mobiles for Baby

  1. So darling! I have lots of books on montesorri in the early years, and experience incorporating it fluidly. Want to see? And lots of materials we have outgrown.
    A fave: I made a sturdy wooden tripod to hang things from for baby dear to look at, and later bat and then grasp and mouth! Also, there was a particular unusual mobile design we found that interested our babies more than any other!
    Beautiful work! We are so happy for you!

    • I would love to! I am so inspired by you! Yes, we did the same thing; Eddie just finished making a wooden mobile stand to hang the mobiles from and like you say rattles and bells later on. I think it was a proud papa bear moment for him creating something for his baby (and we saved so much money! Things branded as exclusively Montessori are so darn expensive when it seems to me a lot of it can be handmade) Do you still have the mobile that your babies loved? I would love to see it and try to copy it!
      Thank you, Libby. We can’t wait to welcome baby Sylvi<3

      • A friend from Namibia gave it to us. It is so unique, I have thought of making them and selling on Etsy. It was all natural materials and unfortunately got moldy in storage and I had to chuck it. It swung and twirled in a different way than most mobiles. I could draw a picture of it for you. You will want to gather interesting (long, light) pieces of bark, pinecones, driftwood, etc. I had a little station for baby in the bathroom, and hung it from the shower curtain; it was very long, and he could see it swinging from there.
        By the by, this bathroom station was so important; one of my best moves; somewhere baby can lie and be comfy. I wore them allll the time, but it is no fun to go to the bathroom wearing or holding a baby! I just had a little cozy cradle there, and the mobile.
        Do you guys have too much stuff already, or are you still gathering things? I have a bunch of the late great Mothering magazines, tons of cloth diaper stuff, and piles of natural baby things and baby books, and a flapping wooden/waldorfy butterfly mobile that need a good home. Also a velvet quilted bunting and Montessori topponcino that are my favorites for newborns!
        We might have more babies someday but I don’t need all this stuff in my house. Let me know if any would be useful to you. People were so fabulously generous to us that we had way too much baby paraphernalia–you really need hardly anything.

  2. We don’t have an overabundance of things; I have kind of avoided getting too much ‘gear’ as I just want to hold/wear her as much as I can. I do have quite a collection of books and toys but those things were a passion for me even before I had a little baby on the way! I would love to borrow all the things you mention (we are going the disposable diaper route, so we don’t need cloth diapering things). That is just so, so generous of you! Thank you!

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