Easter Bunnies, Feminism, and Motherhood

There are a few more weeks left of Eastertide which is a perfect excuse to read yet another book about Easter bunnies, and let me tell you, this is the best book about Easter bunnies EVER! “The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes” is a beautiful adventure story about a female bunny whose dream it is to become one of the five Easter bunnies, who have since now been all male.


Written in 1939, this book not only has strong feminist undertones way ahead of its time, but also manages to validate the role of mother as one of greatest importance, a job that teaches one to be swift, wise, kind and capable. I enjoyed how these two ideas which are so often at odds with each other in today’s society are melded together in this book.


Aren’t her little babies the cutest?

Also, this book touches on the capability of young children (in this case bunnies hehe) to become responsible, contributing members of family society which of course I love.


Look at these illustration by Marjorie Flack! (the genius behind “The Story about Ping” and “Angus” series) Absolutely magical!!IMG_4683This bunny mama proves herself to be a strong and capable heroine, ecstatic to be fulfilling her life-long dream…IMG_4679but ready to return to her twenty-one bunny babies and the magic that they fill her domestic life with.

This is really a special one<3 Hop out to the library now and check it out before Eastertide ends!

(Side note: Here’s my home altar decorated for Easter…soon to be draped in red as Pentecost fast approaches!)



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