Epiphany Meditation

When we are all thinking about placing the Christmas creche in it’s box to be hidden away for another year, the Magi from the East were just arriving!!


I encourage you to play this song and with each refrain, pick up, hold, and contemplate the character in your manger scene that corresponds with the character Loreena McKennitt is singing about.

Hold them in your hands, the strangers of the Nativity that live on in infamy…



Contemplate their features, the look in their eyes, their deep reverence for the Savior which is Christ the Lord…


Think about their personal reactions to the Good News, the tiny baby who would save them all…


Hold each wise man…would you journey that far on faith alone?


Hold Mary in your hands and ask that throughout the year we will ponder these things in our hearts like she pondered so long ago…


Hold Jesus, Your Savior…


“See how the Lord of heaven and earth
Showed himself lowly in his birth
A sweet example for mankind
To learn to bear an humble mind

Let all your songs and praises be
Unto his heavenly majesty
And evermore amongst our mirth
Remember Christ our Savior’s birth

For to redeem our souls from thrall
Christ is the savior of us all”



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