Goodwill and Estate Sales: The Montessorian’s Paradise

I went to a Montessori preschool from 2.5 to 5 years old.  I remember reading on my own at four and that the directress really didn’t make a big deal out of it; that all I did for awhile was make homemade book after homemade book with my very own creative and hilarious attempts at spelling; that I loved sandpaper letters, golden beads, folding socks, and giant sunflowers.


Then, after many years, I found myself being asked to assist in the Level 1 Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Atrium at our church. This program is Montessori at it’s core. It’s such a beautiful classroom with very special Christian wooden materials and a very tender, loving message for little ones. I have the privilege of learning from some amazing Montessorians, Catechists, and sweet 3-6 year olds ready to meet the Good Shepherd.


Also, I am currently practicing with my two sweet 2 year old charges who are taking to it with vigor. Funny how they hardly ever yell, “MINE!”, but instead say, “My work!” and, as all Montessori kids do, they absolutely love what they so adorably call “bean work.”

Finally, someday, when I have kids of my own, I want to homeschool them for preschool and Kindergarten in the Montessori Method.

So how can two really young people afford these Montessori materials which must be beautiful and of good quality?

Goodwill and estate sales!!!!! Truly the Montessorian on a Budget Paradise!!!!

My latest haul:


Two makeshift “chowkis” (low tables for children to kneel at and work) ($4 and $7)


3 baskets for polishing work and brass and wood items to polish ($1.50 for baskets, $5 for objects)


Wooden bowls for transfer work ($3)


Basket for sorting work ($3)


Metal tray for sorting work (and great for paint) ($2)


Glass pitchers for bean and later water pouring ($3)


Wooden tray with basket for clothespin work ($2.50)


Basket for open and close work ($1)


Wooden cross for Catechesis ($3)


Couldn’t help but add this book shelf that allows you to place books facing out so the child, especially the pre-reader, can see the cover ($4.99)


And these amazing Sifo puzzles handed down from Grandma and Papa (priceless!)

Also, more vintage toys from them:



All of this for just $40!!!!!!!! 



Who wants to geek out with me over this?! It’s like a Montessori Christmas over here!!!

xoxo chloe ella


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