The Discovery of a Lifetime: Vintage Claire Sandra for Lucie Ann Peignoir Set

(Pictures below)

I have been going to estate sales since I was 3 days old. My mom birthed me into the world and then took me sale-ing as my first outing which is probably why every aspect of this pastime is so special to me: I love the hunt. I love the hidden treasure. I love the secret history whispering in the halls and rooms of someone else’s house. I love the items that were held by someone else’s hands, that lived in someone else’s life. It’s all very spiritual and enlivening, sad and haunting all at the same time.

A few weeks ago, my mom and I headed out on our usual sale-ing excursions. We made our way onto Malibu Drive in Edina to a one story generic Edina home. Wandering through the house, my mom and I determined it was a pretty good sale (limited junk, lots of vintage items, decent prices), but we had no idea what was in store when we stepped into the vast, windowless walk-in closet room tucked in the corner of the basement.

There hanging on the rack was a gossamer confection, a fairy’s wedding gown sewn from spider silk.

It was $13 for both the nightgown and matching robe.

Upon returning home, we searched for a tag and discovered that it was Claire Sandra by Lucie Ann.

Lucie Ann was a lingerie designer in the 50’s-60’s+ who had a shop in Beverley Hills. She dressed Elizabeth Taylor! She designed all the negligee’s for Eva Gabor on Green Gables! Her creations appeared on the TV show Bewitched and Darrin went to the actual store to purchase a negligee for Samantha in an actual episode!!!


At this point I was freaking out!!!! It’s collectible!! It’s famous!! The ultimate sex kittens of America’s golden age wore this stuff!!!!!!

Then I read a quote from Lucie Ann herself saying, “My prices begin where competitive prices end.” A quickening heart and a quick Ebay search later, I was finding out that these creations can go for up to $1000!!!!!!! SAY WHAT?!

All that being said, I do not plan to sell. This piece is a true gem, an exciting discovery, a treasure that I hope will one day be at my or my daughter’s estate sale when I’m long gone, and a 20-something starting out her life will pick it up and wonder what it saw, what it felt, what it lived.












xoxo chloe ella


5 thoughts on “The Discovery of a Lifetime: Vintage Claire Sandra for Lucie Ann Peignoir Set

  1. I found mine at a thrift store in West Palm Beach, FL in Palm Beach Co. and knew immediately it was WAYYYYY special. Baby pink baby doll w lace bodice n robe w long sleeves n satin buttons. I think I paid maybe 5.00 or less for set. When I read the gold tag I thought wow maybe someone famous for sure wore this. It is literally pristine. I wouldn’t sell it, unless it was verified that someone famous wore it, then donate to museum or whatever. It can be verified because of distinguishing”things” about it. But yes I have had it for at least 15 years n everytime I see it in my closet I am so happy. It’s the kind that is like satin poly w the soft see through “white meshing” over it on the robe. Terrible descriptive there. But sooooooo sex kitten baby doll. Anyway thought I would share as I JUST now after all these years looked up on the web n urs had the info I was looking for. I wonder WHO had a place in Palm Beach that was famous. Almost EVERYBODY, could have been jackie o,s but no I know it’s not hers cause of the bodice sz. Anyway, thanks for the info.

    • Kim! Thank you so much for commenting! Sorry it took me so long to reply; I took a summer hiatus from blogging and am just now returning.
      I’m SO glad you found the info you were looking for.
      The piece of yours sounds amazing!! I wouldn’t doubt that someone special wore it. I love that it’s pink too. Pink is so so so flirty and sex kitten!! I can totally picture how special it must be!
      I don’t know how mine ended up in Edina, Minnesota…someone must have gotten it made special in Bev Hills back in the day and brought it home here. I just wish the woman at the estate sale would have had the original box and more information!

      I was just discussing with some friends about how much I pine for those days when women wore these sorts of creations to bed on regular occasion and men found them sexy and alluring! They don’t even make things like this anymore because there is no market for it which is so sad!
      At least we’re keeping Lucie Ann’s legacy alive!!!!
      Thanks again for visiting the blog xoxo it was a delight to hear about your piece!

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