Let’s Cuddle Up & Read: Four Vintage Children’s Books That Will Sweep You Away

Hello, friends! Wow, I haven’t blogged in such a long while. I did make the decision to stop blogging at least for the summer for a myriad of reasons, the most exciting being that I am currently in the process of writing and photographing my own children’s book!!!!

BUT I couldn’t help but share these four books with you as a last hurrah!


I feel like they entered my life by fate. Four books that are either from the 50’s/60’s or evoke that time. Four vintage books. A perfect little stack for rainy afternoon reading time…

This first book really is in my opinion up there in THE GREATEST BOARD BOOK OF ALL TIME category!! “Baby’s House” by Gelolo McHugh, written in 1950, follows Baby as she goes through her house, playing, bathing, dressing, cooking, sleeping. Toddlers LOVE this because this is their life, this is their story!! The twins adore this book, taking special interest in Baby’s cup that she uses to wash her hair as this is quite a difficult event in little E’s life right now.


But best of all it’s so Montessori!! Each room of Baby’s house has something her size and materials/toys accessible to her so she can independently control her play or “work” in her environment.


I came upon this great quote from Montessori herself saying, “Suppose that we should find ourselves among a race of giants, with legs immensely long and bodies enormously large in comparison with ours, and also with powers of rapid movement infinitely greater than ours, people extraordinarily agile and intelligent compared with ourselves. We should want to go into their houses; the steps would be each as high as our knees, and yet we should have to try to mount them with their owners; we should want to sit down, but the seats would be almost as high as our shoulders. If we knew that these giants had been expecting us, we should be obliged to say: they have made no preparations for receiving us, or for making our lives among them agreeable.” Wow. Powerful.


In the book, Baby has her own little table and is shown cooking and washing dishes;  or sitting at her own little dressing table, dressing herself; or on her little stool brushing her teeth and washing herself. Baby is very independent because she has been given baby-size life essentials that facilitate independent life-skills as well as creative play! This board book is genius, like a mini-Montessori guide!


“Colors”, another board book, showcases the work of Charley Harper, an artist who was once compared to Audubon but decided to abandon realism in favor of a very graphic, geometric, bright 2D style. What a neat man with such a love of nature. This book has such a delicious mid-century modern feel.


“Rain Makes Applesauce”, written in 1964 by Julian Scheer, captures the child’s world of “silly talk,” imagination at it’s finest.


This book is really something you have to experience for yourself…the drawings are out of this world, very Miyazaki-esque.


And if you pay close attention, you come to discover that rain truly does make applesauce!


“How To” by Julie Morstad is not an old book, but it very much captures the essence of that imaginative childhood spent in the outdoors, discovering the world pre-technology and existing in the quiet places.


The drawings of the children are quite haunting and very vintage. This book took my breath away!


A delectable stack of books that celebrate childhood, nature, and the everyday experience. What could be more soul-nourishing for you and for the children in your life to experience together?

And with that I say, See you later, friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Til next time! Wish me luck as my book is labored, birthed, and born!

xoxo chloe ella


5 thoughts on “Let’s Cuddle Up & Read: Four Vintage Children’s Books That Will Sweep You Away

  1. Chloe,
    I checked some of these out from the library on your recommendation, and Willem loves! Give me a call if you’d ever like to go out for tea, or have a play date at Edgecombe. Hope you and Eddy are well. Congrats on the milestones..

    • Oh yay, Libby! So glad Willem enjoyed them! Let’s talk at church sometime, and I can get your number. I have something for you too:) Thank you! Eddie is adjusting to going from student to worker bee hehe and I am riding the waves of teething 2 year olds, just trying to get through. Hope you and Paul and family are enjoying beautiful summer<3

      • This might sound odd, but have you tried letting them chew on a cold wet cloth? Mine loved to suck on a little clean washcloth I’d chilled in the fridge–regular teethers were too hard, I think. Some kids teethe so hard! Some, it’s barely a blip. Just one of mine would bleed and get a fever, and even throw up when teething. He was so miserable. My sympathy.

      • Libby, I am just seeing this comment now!!! Yes, I have tried a cloth before and it has brought her some relief. Even the soft rubber teethers were too hard because it was so raw back there…she wanted to chew and chew but when she did she just screamed in pain!:( the cold, soft rag seemed to be just what she needed. That is so true! He hasn’t said a peep about his teeth but she is like your little one was…threw up, fever, “owee! owee!!” all day. It was SO hard to watch. She is very perceptive and connected to me so I know she sensed the worry in my eyes. Luckily, she finally cut them two weeks ago!!!!

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