Eddie Graduated: A Celebratory Picnic Party! Recipes Included!

Congratulations to my husband, Eddie, on graduating from the University of Minnesota as a Mechanical Engineer!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t be more proud of you!!!!! These few short years have been a whirlwind to say the least… we entered college as two newly adult teenagers, and these 4 years have seen us engaged, married, reunited with Eddie’s incredible father, happily working, completely independent, and wonderfully grateful!!!


Those are the highs and with the highs come lows- great sadness & strife, endless semesters of no sleep, and hardly any dating.

Him earning his college degree is a HUGE accomplishment on his part in and of itself!


Freshman Year at High School Homecoming when we were literally babies

I also feel that it’s no small feat of ours as a couple: we went in fresh-faced and passionate, and we’re leaving hand in hand, battle-worn yet battle won, a little (or a lot) less fresh-faced but with no less inner zeal!

We couldn’t have come out the other side without the people that reminded us of the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, made us laugh amidst our hopelessness, and most importantly supported us and treated us like the adults that we had to figure out how to become: my mom and dad, Eddie’s father, Y, my grandparents, Jack & Elsa & family, Vicky, Darnell, Mark & Lynnette, M.A, and Jim, Angie & family, the Noble family, Father John & our church community, and all our beautiful friends!



I had to throw a fun family grad bash with some of Eddie’s favorite dishes. Here are the recipes (most of them being my mom’s, who is the best cook ever!) complete with pictures!

(we don’t really measure anything so no measurements in the recipes)

Grilled Flank Steak Sandwiches with Baby Arugula


steak marinade:

red wine

canola oil

sliced garlic cloves

finely chopped onion

soy sauce

30 whole black peppercorns

marinate overnight, then grill to medium rare, and slice thin



serve on toasted baguette & top with fresh baby Arugula (lightly dressed in lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper) & thinly sliced red onionsIMG_2420

Bistro Potato Salad


red potatoes, cut in 1 inch pieces


and oven roasted so they are crisp



crumbled bacon

feta cheese

homemade garlic aoli


salt & pepper

a pinch of Montreal Steak Seasoning

toss together and viola! no vintage yellow mush in sight!!

Acini de Pepe Cold Salad


acini de pepe pasta (tiny round balls), lightly toast in a skillet


 then boil in water til fully cooked


fresh spinach


crumbled bacon

grapeseed oil

Lea & Perrin’s White Worcestershire Sauce

toss together and chill

Melon Ball Skewers


 cantaloupe, honeydew, made into balls and put on skewers


drizzle with



lemon or lime juice

fresh mint leaves

My Grandma’s Lemon-Lime Fridge Cake


yellow cake mix

lime jell-o, diluted with water

Cool Whip, mixed with dry lemon pudding mix

when cake is cool, poke holes all over cake with the end of a wooden spoon handle

pour diluted lime jell-o mix over cake

frost with Cool Whip & pudding mix and chill in fridge

Noble Family Bootleg


of which I will not divulge the recipe since it is not mine to divulge

but it is mine to ENJOY!!


Nothing incredibly complicated. Just a good ol’ slice of Americana: the family picnic<3

CONGRATULATIONS, EDDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

xoxo chloe ella & family


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