Barbie: Stop Shaming Her and Learn To Love Her Again

I love Barbie. I love Barbie just the way she is, proportionally impossible and all. Yep, that’s right. You read it correctly…*gasp*!!

Poor Barbie gets so so much flack from everyone that we forget to remember that Barbie is smart, Barbie is empowered, Barbie is stylish, AND Barbie is beautiful & sexy. That last one is so hard for our society to accept. I say, don’t worry about the alleged archaic values and skewed body image issues that Barbie is supposedly instilling in your daughters and instead worry about what you are instilling in your daughters.

My mother cherished her Barbies and luckily kept all of them and all their beautiful garments for me to play with. Cleaning out our attic, I opened the long-forgotten Barbie bin and my girlhood came back to me. Along with the waves of nostalgia came the surprise over how well-constructed and delightfully vintage these well-loved play things are. These clothes are glamorous, couture, and iconic. My hope is that my captions make Barbie come alive as someone not to be hated but to be heard.


Long days in the concrete jungle, steady stream of shorthand as a secretary, dreams of climbing that new ladder


Pie on the windowsill, his 5:30 ‘Hunny, I’m home!” echoes through the house, quick glance in the mirror and a swipe of lipstick


Heading back to the cozy lodge for a hot cider after a cold day on the slopes


Hopes of catching his eye with a new pink dress, in his arms on the dance floor, cheeks flushed, heart fluttering, is this love?


A cold Russian night at the train station and a dramatic goodbye to a foreign lover


‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ alone in a dark  theater, escape to Bergdorf’s on a rainy New York day, my pocketbook is empty, does the saleswoman know?


The summer neighborhood picnic, a stolen kiss inside the silent house, someone else’s husband


Real estate vixen, selling homes and breaking hearts, no settling down in sight


A night out on the town, “Where in the hell are my go-go boots?!”


Late-afternoon wedding at the courthouse, slanted sun; he lifts the veil, his hands shake, a tender kiss

I love the way these shots turned out, and I had so much fun striving to capture the mood of each one! Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!<3

xoxo chloe ella



12 thoughts on “Barbie: Stop Shaming Her and Learn To Love Her Again

  1. I love your style and such lovely ideas! I am a huge of Barbie, I also have some of Barbie from my childhood Very fond memories. Thanks for share these wonderful photos. I want to take my Barbies out and photograph them. Several days I read an entry from The Emily Program Foundation that goes along with your Barbie Love. I am not sure how to send it to you so I posted on FB. If you would like to take a look.
    Thanks for sharing you rock!!

    • Thank you so much for your comment! And for taking the time to read my blog! It makes me so happy:) I just saw the article you mentioned on your FB and I couldn’t agree more with it! Shaming Barbie and solely blaming her for creating eating disorders or distorted body images isn’t fair. And I don’t think I ever really compared myself to her as a little girl; I just simply adored dressing her up and playing (and I think most girls would look back and say the same thing!).
      You should take some photos of your Barbies and send them to me if you want! I had so much fun doing it! When I went outside, I did have a few moments where I was like “Well, this is it…I’m a crazy doll lady taking my bag of Barbies out and photographing them” but then I thought “Oh well! I accept that moniker! This is awesome!” haha;P
      Thanks again for commenting! You are so sweet and YOU rock!
      (BTW, I saw that Elle had a baby! How exciting & wonderful and oh boy is she not the cutest little baby ever?! Tell her and her mom that my mom and I say hi!:)

  2. I was given a Barbie Doll for my seventh birthday in 1959. She just happened to be the first “Teenage Fashion Model” to hit the marketplace (3/9/1959). She was wearing a black and white zebra striped swimsuit. Her hairstyle was a fashionable blonde Top-knot (she also came in Brunette). Black high-heel slip-on shoes completed her sexy look. I absolutely loved my Barbie and she was my good friend and playmate well into my thirteenth year. Oh the stories we could tell once Ken came along!!!

    • Oh she sounds so gorgeous! I have only seen pictures online of her, and I think she is the most glamorous one ever! As we love to say, she shit glamour all over the place! Hahaha;P
      Oh I know! My girlfriends and I loved creating stories with Ken and they always ended with Barbie mysteriously laying on top of him! LOL None of us knew about sex or had seen sex but I think we just innately knew ‘something’ should happen between them bahaha!

  3. Oh forgot to mention this for all you feminists out there (keep in mind I am one)!!! Barbie was one of the FIRST young women to own her own home (BARBIES DREAM HOUSE), have her own car (pink convertible), swim in her own pool, dress herself professionally, and present a poised and polished demeanor. She was also one of the first modern dolls to appreciate diversity and come in many colors. You go girl!!!!

    • Thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to comment, Paula!! So good to hear from you!:)
      Thank you! I am so glad my mom kept these Barbie clothes! I swear most of them are better made than practically everything I own and wear myself! haha

  4. I have long been a Barbie despiser, alas–from childhood I scorned her. I didn’t like the way she couldn’t ride my ponies, and my mom passed down her low opinion of her to me, saying, “Only Dolly looks like that.” Now I know Dolly Parton would be proud of the comparison!
    But your post does recall to me how much fun I had playing with the old old Barbies in my Grandma’s doll cabinet–many old handmade outfits, lots of heavy green eyeshadow–they were my mom’s dolls from her girlhood that somehow escaped the garage sale, and among the many special treats at Grandma’s house! My favorites are the concrete jungle and the Russian romantic. Too perfect!

    • Haha! Yes, Barbie’s legs are incredibly hard to manipulate! I was even getting a little frustrated taking the photos because they wouldn’t always cooperate! Hahaha!
      That sounds like such a neat memory! I remember the toys & dolls & books at my great-grandmas and think on those times (pulling them out from the attic to play) so fondly. Handmade doll outfits are so exquisite to me. My grandma too has such neat, almost crude toys. Sometimes I bring the twins over there, and they love these crude wooden blocks and sticks. They are really just painted wood; so simple but they (especially the boy) are entertained by them for at least an hour. I love to watch them play and think of how many generations of babies have touched them, stacked them, chewed them, and banged upon pans with them! The age and memories of items like those blocks and your mom’s Barbies are so special!

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