‘Adore Your Apartment’ Series: Create a Cool Art Wall for Under $75


I stumbled upon this book a few years ago at Midtown Global Market and immediately fell head over heals in love with the drawings of John Bauer. So fantastical, so mystical, lots of little blonde sprites, and many many trolls. I liked the idea of incorporating Bauer’s art into my home; not only was it gorgeous but it was a little nod to my Swedish roots. So I did a bad bad thing…I cut up said book so that I could hang those glossy prints in my home!:O   BUT don’t write me off now! The end result makes up for my naughtiness!!!


These are the prints I chose (after much painstaking deliberation lol;P)


First, I set out to find frames. I needed something cheap, cheap, cheap, so where else do I turn but the ever-inexpensive IKEA…You can’t get more Swedish than that! Haha;P I found these perfect cream colored frames which blend nicely into our cream-colored apartment walls…this makes for a neat effect; I think the art looks as if it is floating in space whereas with black frames, the art can seem more contained.


Now for the arrangement. There are lots of blogs out there that will tell you that whenever you do an art montage on the wall, you should get out the butcher paper, cut it to the size of each picture, arrange accordingly with tape on the wall, THEN hang. Well to that I say, “Phooey! That is waaaay too time-consuming!” All you need is a floor to arrange your pictures on (see above) and a few friends or family to hold up the arrangement on the wall and put in nails while you stand back and yell, “More to the left! No, not that much!! Now a teensie weensie bit to the right…PERFECT!” It’s a lot more fun and guaranteed half the time!



Now for a few side notes:


I got these two prints from a lovely website called Zazzle  which sells an amazing variety of prints for an inexpensive price. The best thing about the site though is that you can customize the size of the print. So say you have a lovely frame that is an odd size; simply measure, put those measurements into Zazzle, and your print is delivered custom-sized! Spectacular!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Finally, if you do decide to butcher a book, don’t be afraid of using a page that has snippets of the story’s textOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA attached to it.  (This specific story is actually horrifying: A Merman kidnaps this young girl against her will, impregnates her many times, and forces her to live in the sea with him. She eventually abandons all her children and goes to live on land again…not one for the small kiddos) But including a little snippet of the actual story adds visual interest and draws people in to examine your arrangement more closely.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 All of this cost less than $75 including the price of prints, frames, and even the book! I would venture to say that that’s considerably less than your average single art piece, so what’s stopping you from creating a neat art wall all your own?:D share w/ me; I’d love to see what you come up with!<3

xoxo chloe ella


6 thoughts on “‘Adore Your Apartment’ Series: Create a Cool Art Wall for Under $75

    • Thank you! Like I said above, it was no small feat narrowing it down to these; every one of Bauer’s pieces is incredible! & thanks also so much for your continued support of my blog!:)

  1. Great idea–there are a few, beloved, falling-apart books I have dreamed of putting on the wall, but have never done. I even have a box full of frames I found on someone’s curb waiting for me to rehabilitate, but I’ve never done it. You’re being so proactive– not just doing it, but documenting and displaying too! We actually have surprisingly little art on our walls considering we’re both artists! I just recently noticed how little decoration we’ve done. We’re just always busy trying to keep the roof from falling in!
    I suddenly have lots of things I want to talk with you about–I just ordered the Sesame Street old school from the library, among other things–maybe I’ll run into you sometime!

    • Libby, thanks again for taking the time to read and comment on my blog!! That’s so awesome that you found some frames curbside. I have been known to yell out “Wait! Wait! Stop the car! Go back!” many a time when I catch sight of something interesting that someone else has left out to be taken away with the trash. I’d love to talk sometime; I’ll see you around!:) oh and that’s great that you decided to check out Old School Sesame Street; I liked the ones from the 70’s versus the 80’s a lot more. Hope you enjoy!

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