Why Old School Sesame Street Rocks!

I just had to do a little post on why vintage Sesame Street is the best thing to ever happen…EVER. Before Cookie Monster moderated his cookie intake, before Abby’s dreadful Flying Fairy School, even before Elmo, Sesame Street was so so neato.

Lately, with two budding 20 month old’s in my life, I have started introducing Sesame Street into their daily routine. However, I was so disappointed when we tuned in to today’s version of it. Sesame Street itself, I mean the set, is unnaturally clean now. Also, it has become incredibly PC and so hyper-stimulating, loud and over the top. Where are the gritty graffiti covered streets of yore? Where are the trippie animated shorts or the sweet stop motion animation? Where are those rough and tumble New York kids?!


Well, I’ll tell you where all those things are! They’re at your local library in the form of the Old School Sesame Street DVD’s that are available to be checked out right this minute!


As a sidenote, I find it hilarious that at the beginning of these vintage gems, there is this ridiculously ominous warning: “These early Sesame Street episodes are intended for grown-ups only and may not suit the needs of today’s preschool child.” This should in no way deter you from showing these to your children, but instead spur you on! Why you ask? Because the real meaning of the warning is this: “What you’re about to see is SO much cooler and more educational than this new stuff that’s tailor made for the ADHD generation! Watch and enjoy child and adult alike!”

Further, I find that the babies enjoy the 70’s Sesame Street perhaps even more than it’s current counterpart. What I notice is that the older episodes are not so in your face & over the top energetic as today’s; they have a natural ebb and flow that allows the babies to disengage naturally at the quieter moments and return when they so choose.

So let’s check out some fantastic highlights!!!!

First, stop motion animation is always my favorite (I’m a huge fan of Mio Mao), but this clip takes the cake! So magical, so vintage, so adorable, sorta haunting; absolutely obsessed!

First of all, Madame Alexander dolls! Secondly, the song is so calming, and the girls are so innocent and sweet! For the adults, it’s an emotional and nostalgic look back on girlhood.

This little sweetheart warms my soul to its very core! That giggle and then how she spontaneously says, “I love you” to Kermit; just darling!

Fairy Alphabet…enough said. So fantastical!

Finally, the Pièce de résistance! This song and video are sheer perfection…the message of diversity & unity is beautifully expressed yet not overly sentimental. All the kids of different races playing so rough and tumble on their old school metal playground in the middle of New York…gaaaaah so good! The babies sing and dance to this song with so much joy AND get exposed to some quality racial variety along the way:D

All in all, I say, live dangerously and expose your children, your babies, and yourself to these vintage gems. You’ll thank me for it!

xoxo chloe ella


3 thoughts on “Why Old School Sesame Street Rocks!

  1. I so agree! I once read a library book about Jim Henson’s original vision, and it wasn’t hollywood! I think it was a radical educational and social approach aimed at real kids. I’m such a snob for old stuff, we always joke that our poor kids will only be exposed to decades-old pop culture, but I just can’t countenance the new imporved Sesame Street.
    The whole point of cookie monster was that he was out of control! Like kids! Who all love cookies! No one wanted to be the messy monster that he was, however. Unfortunately, I think kids would want to be a reformed Cookie Monster even less! It’s like they don’t understand the point of silliness!

    • Libby! Thank you so so much for commenting on my blog! I think I told you before how much your blog impacted me when I read it, but I have to tell you again! Wow; what an incredible woman/wife/mom you are and what a neato family!
      Do you remember the name of the library book by chance? I’d love to check it out. I am such a snob for all things old too, and I fear that my future children will find themselves in the same decades-old boat on many many fronts haha!
      Love your point about Cookie Monster too…I can even recall a very early episode where he got carried away and devoured a bunch of electronics after his cookies…just pure, good-natured silliness!:)

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