On Children’s Books

Along with receiving my beautiful new Canon DSLR camera (and a myriad of other wonderful things) this Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary season, I was given a few things that people may deem unconventional for your average 20-something but that nonetheless warm the cockles of my heart like no other: children’s books!


Being a nanny of twins now for over a year, the little beans, my mom, and I have taken quite a few beloved (and, may I add, hard & tiring) trips to the library. In doing so, I have discovered the precious gem that is the children’s book.

Finding myself moved to tears, laughing aloud, & being completely transported, I have gathered that what is expressed in 15 pages or less in a good children’s book is oftentimes more profound than what is conveyed in an entire 300 pg. adult novel. And a bag full of children’s books means fun to be had, learning at the turn of each page, bonding & loving, life at its simplest and greatest.


(The twins at about 16 months. Aren’t they the cutest?!)

So why start collecting children’s books as a childless adult? Well, the short answer is I won’t be childless forever or even much longer as I begin to feel Eddie and myself move closer and closer to the notion of adding a little bean of our own to our little family. Exciting!!

I want to be ready with a bookshelf full to the brim with sweet, wonderful children’s books! I hope to read to our children from womb to beyond, to raise beings who find solace in a story, whose sense of wonder can be quenched by a delicious read.


(Then, hopefully someday their living room floor will be cluttered w/ books as much as ours is!)

Moreover, I have other, more selfish reasons for buying children’s books as well..I enjoy them tremendously; I’m inspired creatively and morally and even spiritually! All that being said, I promise to post a few books that I own and find particularly wonderful in the near future. Stay tuned!

xoxo chloe ella


4 thoughts on “On Children’s Books

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    • That’s SO awesome!! Sometimes I feel like people come over to my house and look at my shelves like, “Why do you have ‘The Bog Baby’???” and then I’m off rambling about how fantastic it is! LOL>.<

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