Art: Buy it, Hang it, Adore it!

In my opinion, hanging art is the best way to transform a temporary living space into your unique home. My theory goes that if someone stole all the art off your walls, amassed it together, and took a really good look, they would know you. As I always say, buy what you love and every corner of your home will feel special & personal!:) Read on for more tips regarding this important design element!


Paneled or segmented art works really well in a hallway. Because each individual panel reveals part of the whole art piece, guests will organically move along the hallway, taking in the entire work as they go. In addition, a larger piece at the end of the hall aids in this process of drawing your house guest to discover the rest of your space.


If you have pretty dishes, instead of hiding them away in cupboards, show them off, Anthropologie-style! Consider displaying them in an on-trend ombre fashion: metallic glassware seamlessly fades to transparent pink depression glass and then to solid pink dishware. I enjoy symmetry here, but in no way is it a must! Play around and have fun with various quirky arrangements!


In a small apartment, the lack of space sometimes forces you to turn unconventional spaces into living spaces. For example, my husband really needed an office space of his own. Our apartment has a fairly large closet, so after finding and rehabbing a cute little desk, we removed the closet door to open it up, and, most importantly, hung art. Art establishes the unconventional space as something livable, something worth spending time in.



Finally, don’t forget to hang art in your kitchen & bathroom. I chose to use simple botanicals and Audubon-esque prints in the kitchen (framed in super inexpensive Wal-Mart frames that I painted sage green) to create a really natural, earthy vibe. In the bathroom, I went ultra feminine with vintage flowers & Scandinavian princesses. (Remember too, the kitchen is the perfect place to play up the kitsch if you’re so inclined!)




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