‘Adore Your Apartment’ Series: Living Room Reveal!

When furnishing a living room especially in a small apartment, think of the design process as creating purposeful spaces within the space or, what I like to call, vignettes.PhotoGrid_1381010994891

For example, it’s pretty standard that city apartments don’t have dining rooms, so to create a dining area that doesn’t encroach upon the rest of the living room, consider a drop leaf table that rests elegantly yet diminutively against the wall, flanked by small scale dining chairs. The result is an intimate and romantic spot to dine.Small Final

In my opinion, every room needs a vignette that you consider to be the Pièce de résistance or the highlight of your space. You should feel a little bubble of happiness every time you rest your eyes on it. For me, the mirror and sconces above the bar act as a glittery focal point, a reflective jewel in the room that guests will be drawn to gather around at any cocktail party.PhotoGrid_1381012922452

Finally, the purpose of a living room is a place to sit and lounge, to chat and chill, right? Seems pretty obvious, but I see so many people putting all their furniture up against the walls. Not only is this bad design, but it’s awkward conversationally and therefore socially! A sitting area arranged in the round naturally encourages conversation and lends a relaxed, friendly atmosphere to the room.

What vignettes do you have in your living room? What do you consider to be your Pièce de résistance? Share with me!<3

xoxo chloe ella


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