‘Adore Your Apartment’ Series: Turning a Sewing Table into a Swanky Bar

a057621a0dd511e3917022000ae9141e_7Hello!! This post is all about thinking outside the box. I believe EVERYONE has the creative capacity to think like this, some just need a little prompting while others freely float on the constant stream of their quirky ideas♥

Anywho, this piece is a Martha Washington sewing table. Sewing tables are super easy to find and very, very affordable…walk into any estate sale and you will find a sewing table of some sort. I loved this one because of it’s small size and quirky, geometric shapes. Thinking outside the box (!!), I figured that I could utilize every part of this cute, little table by turning it into a swanky, modern bar fit for a young adult.

A martini shaker, a small bottle of your liquor of choice, a few statement tumblers (vintage Shoji pictured), and a stack of unique coasters really establish the purpose of the table. By accessory choice, you create a vignette that is obviously alluding to a bar. The sectioned drawers are the ideal spot for jewel-toned shot & cordial glasses, keeping the mood whimsical and young. Finally, the geometric barrels on the side make the perfect storage space for bottles of wine!! & no bar would be complete without a cute little cocktail guide book!^-^

With a little unconventional thinking, this old sewing table is now a functional bar and, dare I add, a suuuper sexy little number. Fancy a drink?;)

xoxo chloe ella


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