‘Adore Your Apartment’ Series: Lighting

2e0e2f7a175511e3a7d622000a9e298f_7Hello, fellow Quirkers! We have officially moved into our new apartment and all the design elements are finally in place!! I’m SO excited to show you the finished product, so that you can see all my decorating tips come to life! BUT not yet hehe;)

First, I have a tip that I consider to be the MOST important element in personalizing your rental!! In general opinion, one of the biggest pitfalls of apartment living is that you cannot truly personalize your space since renting brings along with it certain restrictions (no painting, etc.). This couldn’t be more wrong! You can, you really can! How you ask…?

Switch out the generic, homely light fixtures for beautiful pieces that cast a soft glow. Remember, lighting is everything! Lower watt bulbs eliminate that shocking, office-like brightness and leave the room feeling cozy, homey, almost romantic. It’s an instant change, & people notice! I switched out the ceiling fan in the living room for an inexpensive chandelier that I painted with a bronze spray paint and added off-white lamp-shades. Now, the eye is drawn upwards to this beautiful focal point, making the ceiling look higher & the room bigger. Changing out the boring fixtures and replacing them with a brass dragon filigree ball and an inexpensive lantern (IKEA) takes the apartment from blah to something that conveys our mutual interest in Asian-inspired design. Our personality actually ‘shines’ through…no pun intended hehe;P

This tip really is the be-all end-all. You can have an impeccable room but lighting is the design element that makes or breaks your final result! More to come, loves♥

xoxo chloe ella


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