‘Adore Your Apartment’ Series: Budgeting

IMG_20130907_180916Good morning, friends!♥ I come bearing yet another home decorating tip for y’all:) If you are on any type of spending restrictions when it comes to purchasing furniture, determine your budget cap for EACH piece and STICK TO IT!

Our kitchen is teeny tiny (like only 8 in. of counter space-tiny), so I needed something to provide more counter space and added storage. I set my cap at $40, and as much as a butcher block topped kitchen cart for $150 appealed to me, I stuck to my guns and searched til I found this! (sidenote: this method of budgeting takes quite a bit of searching and shopping and digging but it’s worth it in savings!)

It’s an orange bookshelf tall enough to be counter height from Flamingo’s Divine Finds, one of my favorite occasional sales (http://www.flamingosdivinefinds.com/contact.html) for $38 (right in budget; YES!) I love the gorgeous natural wood inside contrasted with the vibrancy of the orange exterior; has a Scandinavian design feel that I’m totally digging♥ more to come!

xoxo chloe ella


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