‘Adore Your Apartment’ Series: Bathroom Oasis

In my opini35987c40dd0911e2882622000a1f985d_7on, the bathroom is one of the most important spaces in your home. Not only does it allow you to clean yourself physically, but it can really be an oasis for your mind and soul too! Don’t believe me? Take a luxurious hour-long bath after running around with 1 year old twins for a day, and you’ll know what I mean:)

Here are a few things I have gathered for our bathroom in our apartment. It’s a pretty standard bathroom; nothing fancy, not very big, pretty basic finishes, BUT it can still be delightful! I originally wanted to go with an ultra-feminine theme (florals, girly color palettes, etc), but I couldn’t find pink towels in the right shade (much to my husband’s delight lol). So instead, I opted for a spa-like feel: white & ivory towels, neutral striped bathmat, soft-scrolling pattern in the shower curtain. When everything is said and done, I want to walk in feeling serene and walk out feeling refreshed! Sounds a lot like a day at the spa right?? But for those of us just starting out, we can save our precious dollars & have a spa day for free in our own homes!♥ share w/ me what you add to take your bathroom to a whole new level of tranquility!

xoxo chloe ella


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