‘Adore Your Apartment’ Series: Anchor Piece

IMG_1174Konnichiwa, Quirkers!! This summer, I made the exciting leap into absolute independence and signed the lease for our first apartment! Let the decorating (and the shopping!!!!) begin in full force hehe;P The first room I decided to tackle is the living room, the room you spend the most waking time in and, in a tiny apartment, a room that has to function one of many ways. Fear not! The task at hand is one of fun and creativity!

I wanted to begin with a personal tip that has helped me when decorating/accessorizing a larger space and that is to begin the hunt for what I call an “Anchor Piece.” An Anchor Piece will be the item in your space that you draw your color palette from and weigh future purchases for the room against. For example, the painting below is my Anchor Piece for the living room (btw, bought it at the Goodwill for $5!). I am drawing on the golds, blues, creams, & salmon colors of the painting to establish my color palette. Then, when I am out and about shopping, I keep my Anchor Piece in mind to determine whether a piece of furniture/accessory will work in my space.

Your Anchor Piece should be something you love to look at and ponder, something that is quintessentially you. Then, it will be easy to feel inspired and compelled by pieces that draw off of your Anchor Piece. The decorating process will flow easily and authentically from you, and your finished space will have your personality woven throughout!! I cannot emphasize that last bit enough!

Whew! Lots of advice that hopefully makes sense…Stay tuned for more photos of the journey from Anchor Piece to cohesive living room!!♥

xoxo chloe ella


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