Make It Quirk: An Introduction

IMG_1299I am the quintessential 90’s kid. I lived the entire decade through; Lisa Frank, curly shoelaces, Oregon Trail, the works. But my childhood memories are tinged with the idyllic 50’s sentiments that our grandparents are frequently lamenting the loss of. I remember summers where my feet never knew shoes, and my mom would call me in for dinner with a triangle (yes, the instrument). It was wonderful. I was wild and free and loud; a true ragamuffin. I have, thankfully, quieted with age, but it’s my hope that that fearlessness is still there, however small it has become (and I must say it sometimes seems alarmingly small).

Starting a blog is something that I have wanted to do for years, but the prospect always terrified me. Actually, it still does. A personal blog is just that: personal. And personal is vulnerable, but I have finally garnered the courage and launched Make It Quirk.

A unique fashion sense has always been important to me. I remember ‘curating’ my outfit for days in advance prior to the few and far between non-uniform days in high school only to be met with an incredulous “What are you wearing?” or the non-compliment compliment: “Only you could pull that off.” Neither side deterred me from my fashion choices, and I continue to follow my own quirky instincts.

So many strange things inspire me and that is the main reason why I launched this blog. I want to share a different take on fashion and inspiration with all of you from dear friends to strangers halfway across the globe. I want to create a community for the quirky. I want to Make It Quirk!


chloe ella


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